Archive July 22, 2019

Personal Journey

Our journey: where are we going? How are we going to get
there? What happens when we arrive at our destination? Is this where we intend
to be?  These are large and loaded questions.

Building on expertise and knowledge I have gathered over a
career in business, the next step in my journey is to build a firm
dedicated in providing Accounting, Finance and HR expertise.

How did I get here

My journey began in High School with this book.


I remember being excited to take this Bookkeeping class. Every number had a place. It was all very organized and balanced! (For each debit, there was an offsetting credit. Assets – Debts = Net Worth)

The courses I took in college further added to the intrigue that I found from putting numbers in their place. It was EXCITING to learn that there is a story to be told by looking at numbers on a page.



Along the Way

Each job I have held has been another step on this journey. In the corporate world I learned that
1.   Profit and positive cash flow keep you in business. Debt does not lead to success.
2.   Bureaucracy has a reason; it provides structure and standardized procedures.

The non-profit industry refined my accounting skills. I learned the intricacies of Fund Accounting and Donor communications. I came to understand the depth of passion Donors and Employees feel towards their cause.

I also became skilled in satisfying the needs that an organization has for Human Resource Management. I experienced the joys and trials of leadership.

Continuing Education is a key part of maintaining my CPA and HR credentials. I do this through structured focused classes and continual reading of all I can. Staying up-to-date and aware.


What’s next

I invite you on this part of the journey with me. CM Wolf LLC provides non-profits and small businesses with the Accounting, Financial and HR expertise needed to be successful.

 Do you find yourself wondering what your financials say about your organization? Are you spending more time fretting about getting the numbers right than telling the right story?

 CM Wolf LLC is here to inspire you to understand and share the financial story of your organization succinctly, clearly, concisely. What are your successes, and how are they measured and shared?

 Measure and share your story. Engage your employees.


And I will leave you with this quote from Game of Thrones Petyr Baelish:
“They’re only numbers- numbers on paper. Once you understand them, it’s easy to make them behave.”